The Strength Of Humanity And Kindness In The Chinese Culture Stands Unbreakable 

The Strength Of Humanity And Kindness In The Chinese Culture Stands Unbreakable 


China which is among the world’s first and most developed and civilized nations, is also strengthened with tradition 拜神金纸 and worshipping. The beliefs of the people are varied and divided into three categories –

  • Daoism or Taoism
  • Confucianism
  • Buddhism

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Taoism –

It teaches the concept of harmony and peace among people. It is an ancient belief and religion of China to give people a popular national belief. It talks about the mutual existence of humans and other organisms with peace. ‘ Tao Te Ching’ written by the great philosopher Lao Tzu in 500 before the common era or B.C.E. is the main book of Taoism. It teaches the balance of life or balances of forces. The spiritual belief of Taoism states that the universal forces are connected, and the existence of each force is a must. The priest in this Taoism is known as Daoshi.


Confucianism –

Confucianism is a Chinese ancient belief or guidance. It talks about values, respect, morality and virtues. In Confucianism, the community’s respect is the priority. It concentrates on personal ethics. It promotes and upholds the Chinese culture. ‘Confucianism’ is the term taken from the name of a philosopher Confucious who introduced and taught the Confucianism concept of kindness, morality, ethics and good behaviour. It also teaches to worship the ancestors. Whether or not Confucianism is a religion is still the matter of an unresolved debate. Confucianism teaches humanity and its importance. It helps in the development of a kind, respectful and humble heart.

Bamboo, a symbol of traditional Chinese values


Buddhism –

Chinese Buddhism is also known as Han Buddhism, includes art, culture, tradition, medicine, politics, literature and philosophy. It is a foreign religion well adapted to the Chinese culture. Han Buddhism works with the combination of Taoism, Confucianism and Mahayana. It talks about giving life a purpose and the enlightenment of life. The religion and culture came from Indian Buddhist monks. It came in china around 150 Common Era or C.E.


The republic of China has diverse religions with a common thought of living with love, kindness, peace and harmony where everyone is free to preach and practice what they want with complete dignity and respect. Though the tradition of worshipping and practice might be different, the three teachings aim for a common cause of goodness.


Temples or monasteries are the place of worship and also resemble the strong art, culture, tradition and belief of the Chinese people. These artefacts are well maintained and kept to preserve the culture and history of China. This showcases the importance of religion, prayers and belief in Chinese culture. The temples use strong pillars, arches and beams that add to the beauty of the worship place with great architectural talent and complexity. The prayers and worshipping give peace to the mind of people by giving them a message of taking forward their culture and ideology, though not imposing their thoughts but by sharing them with others to achieve harmony and peace.

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